Saturday, November 1, 2014

Silly Owls & Grownup Stuff


Dang, 7"x5", acrylic, 2014
Fukn Hoot, 7"x5", acrylic, 2014
I'm Awesome, 7"x5", acrylic, 2014
Owls Rule, 7"x5", acrylic, 2014
Wisdom 4 Life, 7"x5", acrylic, 2014 
I Brake for Owls, 7"x5", 2014
Night Life, 7"x5", acrylic, 2014
I thought having a 180 degree turn captured in owl portraits was sufficient but I still had three more canvases to complete the project…so what's a girl to do?  She asks herself this question:  if a velvet Elvis painting and African folk art had a baby what would it look like as an owl version?  My mind thinks it would look a little something like this…(I still have one blank canvas to un-blank.)

My owl friends must step aside, I've got some grownup biz to attend to…committee meeting-style.  Yikes!  Each grad student has to meet with their selected committee twice a semester to check up on progress, critique the work, and generally cause stress in the soul and heart of the student.  My first meeting is Tuesday.  For the last nine weeks I've lived in the midst of an existential crisis which I am told means I'm right on track for graduate school.  The upcoming meeting has taken that feeling up a notch or two.  How do you prepare for such a meeting?  Not 100% sure but straightening up the studio and hanging some work sounds like a good idea.  Let's do this.

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