Saturday, November 15, 2014

Settling in.

It has only taken me about nine weeks to feel that I am finally settling into grad school.  That feeling might change at any moment so I'm savoring it while it lasts.  The above shapes are inspired from the below shapes that came from the magnolia tree outside of the art building.  They were collected at different times and are full-blown amazing.  I thought - what do I love a lot…hmmmm…MY ANTFARM!  And so my farm of ants makes its first portrait debut.  The tunnels are especially wonderful.  It is still a work in progress.

I changed up the photo/collage/drawing/mixed media configuration by placing the meteorite mixed media piece with a meteorite drawing.  I used it for a group critique we had Thursday and no one seemed impressed.  "It's too precious.", "Work bigger.", "Make looser marks.", "Are you OCD?", "Why are they framed?" are some of the comments that came from the visiting artist that led the crit.  I've heard all of this before (minus the frame bit).   At age 12 I was told my mark making was timid and yes I am completely OCD - I've been trying to flip that switch for decades.  I am also stubborn which makes me want to turn these into tiny-mega-precious-ridiculously-meticulous-elaborately-framed works of very fine art.  But instead I just continued to work on a LARGE scale painting...

This panel (4ftx6ft) has been up for a couple of weeks waiting for me to figure out what the next move was.  Turns out it was waiting for the inside view of the house I obsessively draw.  Next step?  No idea.  But that move led to the next move on the painting next door.  Apparently that painting had been waiting for the view of the house I obsessively draw if it were stacked upon its flipped self and possibly made of glass.  Who knew?

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