Sunday, November 9, 2014

Javier Tellez, an exploding house, and nature tidbits.

Up until this very week I could have honestly said, "Why no…I've never assembled a movie theatre before."  Well now I can say with pride, "I have indeed helped construct a theatre for a film I find extremely wonderful!"  Being a grad student at TCU entails a part-time gig at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts for the first year - this experience is stocked to the tip top with hands-on experience.  Installing Javier Tellez's exhibition is part of that experience.  Swing by and check it out - the show runs through Dec. 20th!

Aside from the theatre, the gallery has a "Clinic and Waiting Room" that coincides with the film.  I am very familiar with this chair configuration but I've never experienced it as an art installation before.  Surreal.  Oh silly art, how you can instantly turn something so deathly serious into something so approachable is pretty amazing.

This week has been the busiest to date with the install and an upcoming paper deadline, not to mention a couple of presentations, my first committee meeting, and a critique so studio time had to take a backseat.  This sentence is on repeat - "I can't wait to graduate from art school so I can make some work." 

I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours to make a collage and edit and arrange the house drawings.

from a magnolia tree outside of the art building

And I'll always make time to appreciate some nature.

left:  flower arrangement at the Kimbell
right: skull gifted from a friend

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