Thursday, October 30, 2014


I've got five words for ya:  Botanical Research Institute of Texas.  I went there and it is amazing.  There are around one million specimens from around the world and the two oldest specimens in the collection are from 1791.  Yeah…1791.  No big deal.  This initial visit has instigated some ideas and I'll return soon to take some photos and sketch from the archives - I can't wait!

It is unbelievable to me that these two specimens are from 1791!
One million plant specimens live here!  E-ghads! 
Hand-painted print from BRIT library collection.
The BRIT has a nice collection of living, breathing specimens too.

I'm not sure exactly what to call the five works below.  They are photographs taken within the last two months that I have paired together and printed on drawing paper and then drawn on with graphite and framed.  I self-published a small book a couple of years ago filled with paired photographs (no graphite) but this format is new which is exciting.

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens Conservatory
Monnig Meteorite Gallery
Starling/Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Cactus Garden

I spent a portion of the day getting the studio prepped for my first committee meeting next week.  It always seems something comes out of rearranging and getting organized - the vignette below happened.  I like seeing all the work that has sprung from one fallen starling.  The mixed media piece above can be included as well.

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