Saturday, October 25, 2014

Studio Update

Shakespeare's Birds I - finito!

Two Houses/One Landscape - check!

The starling project continues.  This week the fallen bird was scanned and 3D printed.  I believe my next step is making a mold so multiple copies can be made.

scanning process
The white form in the front is the finished print.
Long story short...the grad students are funding the trip to NYC through a CSA project.  All of the deets are below.  My portion has turned into what I like to call "Truck Stop Art" and I'm pretty happy about it.  Here is a glimpse of the little dudes in-progress...

Dear Art Lovers and Community at large,

This  fall  the  TCU  Master  of  Fine  Arts  candidates  are  making  works  of  art  to  sell  in  “Shares”  in  a   “Community  Supported  Art  (CSA)”,  a  riff  on  Community  Supported  Agriculture  (which   supports small local farms). The original concept creates a symbiotic relationship between consumer and producer that encourages quality product and local support for small business. Our take on this project has similar goals in introducing the artwork of local artists to the public. Through this CSA, a total of 20 shares are available for purchase, each share will include four unique and original works of art.

The money generated from this project will help fund the MFA students educational trip to New York city, led by TCU School of Art professors Cam Schoepp and Adam Fung, in January 2015.
We invite you to participate in this project by purchasing a share (or double share if you want to receive 8 works of art, all 7 of the MFA students and selection from one of the three TCU, School of Art, Assistant Professors participating, see list below).

The price for a share is $300 (4 works of art) and $600 for a double share (8 works of art). To purchase  a  share  pay  via  paypal  “gift”  (pay  to  email  “”  )  or   check made out to our managing Professor, Adam Fung. Paypal is our preferred method of payment.
Please visit our website: for further details.

December 11, 2014 from 7:30pm-9pm, a Release Party will be held at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. This lively event will be the first time shareholders get to see their purchased share and pick up their share.

Participating Artists include:
Amanda Arredondo (Master of Fine Arts candidate) Mason Bryant (Master of Fine Arts candidate) Courtney Hamilton (Master of Fine Arts candidate) Alyssa Hawkins (Master of Fine Arts candidate) Fernando Johnson (Master of Fine Arts candidate) Layla Luna (Master of Fine Arts candidate)
Max Morris (Master of Fine Arts candidate)
Nick Bontranger (TCU School of Art Faculty) Adam Fung (TCU School of Art Faculty)
Rachel Livedalen (TCU School of Art Faculty)

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