Monday, October 13, 2014

Mid-semester what?!

Mid-semester break…wait…what?!  Hold the phone, I'm still stuck in week one!  I definitely feel like time is moving way faster than I am but time is on a schedule and won't wait on me so I'm doing my best to keep moving forward.  

The excitement over the starling is still bubbling which is good fuel.  Above is a collage of a tracing I did of the starling and below that is a screen shot of him on the 3D printer.  You heard right…this little dude will soon be a 3D image of itself.  I love that this work is coming from a very particular bird.  Out of the millions of starlings in the world this one specific starling is my reference.

I took a solo field trip to the Botanic Gardens to visit the conservatory which did not disappoint.  I was most drawn to the thin panes of glass that separated the plants inside from the space outside.  I also fell in love with this blood orange tree on the outskirts of the garden outdoors.

The oil pastel houses I began earlier this year are growing 
and another large canvas was started.

And I haven't forgotten about my sparrows which temporarily look like little ghosts...

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