Monday, October 6, 2014

Collage de College

Q:  What happens when a fellow grad student finds a deceased starling?
A:  You put said bird in the kiln at 200 degrees for two days then cover him in baking powder for preservation purposes of course.

Q:  How do you properly enjoy the prickly pear cactus garden outside of the sculpture building?  
A:  You pick up the fruits, place them in a jar, take them to your studio, and marvel at their loveliness.  (Then pick out the tini tiny thorns from your fingers because you didn't wear gloves during the harvest.)

Q:  What do you do with the seemingly different visual information from the above experiences?
A:  You combine them and realize that it makes them all the more lovely.

Birds of Shakespeare painting progress...

I'm working on both of these paintings at the same time.  They're about two feet apart from each other in the studio and I really see one as an extension of the other.  A night and day kind of thing.

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