Thursday, February 5, 2015

One day I'll get to sleep again.

Life is weird when your time is counted in semesters.  Every week that passes is extra precious and moves extra quickly because you're rocketing towards a seemingly elusive goal.  So in keeping with that spirit of time management, this marks the end of week four of the spring semester.  It's been a ball-buster of a week and as much as I want to slow down, curl into a little ball, and sleep for days I keep waking up, shovel cereal in my face while lacin' up my shoes, and hit the studio door by 8am.  Here is what I wrapped up this week...

New York House

Plants collage

2 Hot Houses and a Cold

Its been awhile since I did a stop motion - Little Blue House

One of my favorite classes I took as an undergrad was Color Theory - an entire semester dedicated to understanding color - it was delicious.  Last week I bought Josef Albers' Interaction of Color and it has once again become important to understand the capabilities of color - I want to be a lot more thoughtful in my color choices.  Below are works in-progress, I am still working on the Honeycomb House and foresee quite a bit more time with it in the future.

Honeycomb House

Sofas collage

6 blank sheets waiting for marks/6 wooden panels waiting to be built  

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  1. Love love love all your work!! So proud of you. Keep it up!