Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Less words, more pictures.

If you spend too much time analyzing what you are compelled to make, chances are you'll talk yourself out of making it because...let's face it, as creative humans we tend to think up some really weird shit.  So I will be minimal with the words to describe the most recent studio haps.

Stage One:  The urge to make specific shapes emerges.
Stage Two:  Panels are built and aerial maps are drawn onto surface.
(Side note:  In keeping with the home theme, the criteria for choosing the aerial maps is as follows - I found my address in other states on Google Maps.)  
Stage Three:  Add color to maps.
Stage Four:  Make maps appear less map-like.
Stage Five:  Stuff just starts getting weird.  That means I'm on the right track.  I'll continue to post the progress on these dudes.

Above is the painting that will never end.

House family.

This is what happens when you lasercut Bukowski's Bluebird poem.

 I am obsessed with couches.

 I put the above painting through the table saw and it became this painting...

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