Saturday, July 20, 2013

Truckin' Along

My version of the Universe 
in an instant coffee jar.

Dinosaur Valley State Park and 
Passenger Pigeon paintings are finito.

 Dinosaur Valley State Park, oil, 32"x48", 2013

Passenger Pigeon, oil, 32"x48", 2013

Completing Bingham Canyon Mine 
is next on the agenda.

And then I shall let the new experience of working at the Zoo drive the work.  I had an experience yesterday that inspired some note-taking:  When witnessing animals confined in zoos, parks, etc., why do different species evoke different emotions?  

For me, a visit to the reptile building is a peaceful and pleasant experience.  The Indochinese Serrated Turtle is hands down my favorite, he puts a smile on my face and fills my heart big with joy.  

Visiting the primate building, on the other hand, makes my stomach drop like when you see a wreck on the highway.  There is one male Silverback Gorilla in particular that reminds me of looking into a mirror on my saddest day.  

Turtle vs. Gorilla - I get it, we relate to the primate and believe we understand his feelings.  But what about the turtle?  

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