Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ode to the Joan Vollmer-William Tell Incident

I'm not a huge fan of painting portraits.  I feel inside out and upside down when I'm painting them and suffer mega self consciousness when showing them to the outside world.  But sometimes a portrait is the only way to convey what's ticking in my brain.   

The story behind Ode to the Joan Vollmer-William Tell Incident goes like this...Joan Vollmer was the common law wife of one of my favorite authors, William S. Burroughs.  In a drunken game of William Tell, Burroughs placed what was reported to be a gin glass atop Ms. Vollmer's melon and then proceeded to miss the target.  She died from a gun shot wound to the head.  

Rounds 7 - 10ish.  Done and dusted.

Round 6


Round 5

Nose job...check.  Awesome.  Way to destroy and fix but now my face doesn't look like my face.  Lost the structure.  Whose mouth is that by the way?  I look all swole up.  The dang circles under the eyes are mine for sure...maybe the off kilter nose is mine as well.  Let's try again...  

Round 4

Okay, so after analyzing Round 3 I realize my nose is totes off kilter by about a half inch.  Not exceptable.  So I feel it best to smear all wet paint and reconstruct.  I was proud of this painting thus far...but knew it had to be fixed to the proper proportions.  When an image becomes precious (as this one was becoming) more than likely it needs to be destroyed and begun again. It hurts and not gonna lie tears were shed, beers were drank, then reconstruction began with goddamn vigor (and apprehension). 

Round 3

How are you childhood apple toy friend?  Good to see you again...I invite you to join my painting.

Round 2

Mugshot-action in effect.  Cap-gun, you are awesome as is.  You may stay lined-out my friend.

Round 1

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