Friday, July 20, 2012

BB Scores New Digs

BB whispers a wish to the Sun, "Sun, I wish for a home."

BAM!  The Sun delivers.  Here is your key to Apt. #1914.  
"Kick ass", says BB.

BB high-paws her roomie.  

Housewarming party.  BB cranks up the tunes.

BB takes Too Short's advice and Get's in Where She Fits In.

"Dude, I can honestly camo myself almost anywhere here."

"What kind of sick shit is this?!" screams BB.

BB makes a friend.  "Not much Kitchen Chicken, what's kickin' with you?"

Okay, SERIOUSLY...what is up with the animal carcass trophies!

BB hits the roost with a classic.  Night, night BB.

BB's dreams are filled with home.

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