Monday, July 30, 2012

American Youth Airborne

Good night American Youth Airborne or whatever your title ends up being, it was nice working on ya.  Compositionally you made me feel itchy at times.  Like a lot.  But our struggle made us friends.  I especially enjoyed the times I avoided painting you all together and instead played with the paratrooper dude.  Paratrooper dude, now that your modeling duty is done you and I have a date on the balcony and by date I mean I'm gonna toss you over the third floor railing.  I genuinely wish you a safe landing but if you get stuck in a tree or drift onto a neighbor's patio it will be okay because your mission sir has been completed.

American Youth Airborne, oil on wood, 50"x34", 2012

Pterodactyl detail.  
(Side note)  
Dear Pterodactyl,
If I were given your name in a spelling bee pre-this painting, I would have lost immediately.

Space-dude detail.

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