Monday, January 9, 2012

The Hogart Series

Madame Hogart

Madame Hogart is stern, quiet, and loyal...all necessary qualities for any good matriarch. Her family looks upon her with utmost respect. They know her love runs deep but if they were to cross her, they would be out of the will and ostracized from the Hogart clan.

Lord Bentley Hogart III

Good ole Lord Bentley Hogart III, humble husband of Madame Hogart. He spends most of his time in the library reading books of adventure. He is a gentle and kind man thought of as the silent partner of the Hogart empire. He both loves and fears his wife and is fond of his evening sherry.

Paisley Hogart

Paisley Hogart, the oldest child, can do no wrong. She is polite and soft-spoken like her father but there is no doubt that she could easily fill the shoes of her mother. She has many suitors but would rather spend her time alone, exploring the countryside.

Claremont Hogart

The middle child and only son, Claremont Hogart, is no doubt a mama's boy. He pities his father's docile nature and glorifies his mother's strength. He will never admit to his jealousy of his sister, Paisley, for she has both of her parents best characteristics making her the future air to the Hogart throne which he believes should be his title.

Sassie Hogart

The youngest Hogart, Sassie, is just that...full of spirit, bold, and forever chatting. Her good nature and mischievous ways are a welcome relief to the sometimes stuffy Hogart household. She has undying love for her two siblings, mother, and father and they love her immensely in return.

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