Monday, March 1, 2010

Studio Mates

Kona (aka. Kona-bear, Monkey, Peanut (she is shaped like one), Grey-whiskers, Racoon-face, Fun-patrol (she likes to put the stops on any fun such as dancing, running, or violent laughter)

Papa (aka.Papa Boy, Freckle-foot (his feet are covered with them), Cardboard Ears (they look like someone cut triangles of cardboard and tacked them on his head, Whisker-face, and Rattlesnake Tail (when he receives non-direct attention just the tip of his tail shakes like a rattlesnake

It's a wonder I get any work done at all with these cute furry faces. The pups have a dog bed in the studio which Papa always inhabits when I am working. If Kona is not hanging out with us she will cruise in every hour or so just to check on us and get some pets. On her way out she usually licks Papa on the nose. Speaking of which, his snout totally matches the tile floor. Camo-style. They make my heart happy!

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