Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Heart Arizona

What's a good way to spend the day...hmmm...let's see...how about, oh I don't know - RELEASING 2 BURROWING OWLS! Cause that's what I did today - my first release! After my volunteer shift at Liberty Wildlife was coming to a close, my lovely friend Nina said she thought she had a release for me today.

2 burrowing owls that were being rehabilitated at Liberty were fit for freedom. I packed them in my truck and we were on our way. The outer perimeter of the Scottsdale Community College campus has large colonies of burrowing owls. So that's were we were headed. We pulled up to an open field and as I opened the box to wish them well and take a pic of the little guys, one busted out and took to the sky.

I gently grabbed the other one and he not so gently grabbed me back with his little talons, I took a pic, and released him to where he belongs. This is the time of year when they will scoping for little lady burrowing owls and will hopefully keep the population going. I told my dad that I released them on campus and he said they would be cruisin' for college chics. (No pun intended).

The weather right now is the reason why people love and live in Arizona. Wide open blue skies, 75 degrees, and ample sunshine. My dogs bathe like little lizards in the mid afternoon sun. The weather was so nice yesterday that I spent the day sprucing up the backyard.

We have mega-enormous agave plants and Mexican fan palms that have gone CRAZY! It was time for a trim. It was dangerous and painful but the garden is back under control. It didn't feel quite right cutting and snipping these beautiful plants but the poor pups have battle wounds from razor sharp points. To pay tribute to these living lovelies I drew a sketch of one of the agave tips I cut.

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  1. i love the look the owl is giving you- "come on lady, let me go already! i gotta find me a hottie and make some babies."