Monday, January 18, 2010

In Fives

Well, I just finished putting hanging wire and signature/title plaques on the back of the 25 pieces that make up In Fives. (Here are the finished products) The best part was I did it all in my slippers while enjoying a rainy day. (Arizona doesn’t provide us with many of those).

I packed up these small works in little bundles and put them in the closet that is busting at the seams with paintings, sketches, and other weird things I have felt the need to make.

I de-install the Taste of Tops show this Sunday and somehow have to cram 5 large paintings in here.

Now that the artwork for In Fives is complete, it’s time to write a statement, put proposal packets together, and find a venue that wouldn’t mind letting me hang my work on their wall. Hopefully I’ll get a solo show but I’ll definitely get more paperwork to add to my DENIED folder. Hey, it’s part of it.

1 comment:

  1. that DENIED folder is going to come in handy someday when you're famous. we'll sit around and laugh at those fools. ha!