Monday, March 30, 2009

New Goodies for New Ideas

I had a truly great day thrifting yesterday (thanks Lani and Lindsey!!). I found the lovelies above to use as new characters to incorporate in the paintings for my project, The Nest Egg Art Project ( It is a body of work using endangered and extinct birds as my main subjects.

I want to place the birds with a domestically recognizable object. What is more "domestic" than objects from the kitchen? I selected these particular items because they come from a time period (to me) that represents the epitome of a picture perfect happy household. Whether that happiness is true or staged is another aspect that I find intriguing.
I also want to play with my usual wallpapered backgrounds by placing the design over a landscape-inspired ground. I feel this really emphasizes the conflict of indoors vs. outdoors.
Incorporating the endangered and extinct birds within this setting allows me to hint to the viewer that we are the reason for their demise. Loss of habitat is the most common reason for animal endangerment. Our "perfect" homes take the place of theirs.

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