Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random Studio Haps

I haven't had a solo show in almost two years, I've put some older work in a couple of group shows but basically I've been making work just to make work.  The freedom is great, it has allowed me to experiment which produces things that I might not make with an audience in mind.  

But creating a body of work for a specific exhibition on a specific date for a specific venue sets solid perimeters and boundaries which I do well with.  It's a focus, a purpose.  I've felt a bit scattered without such guidelines but wouldn't trade the weird shit that has put itself on canvas (and wood and jars and cardboard, etc.).

A shift in that way of working is on the horizon I feel.  Next month I leave for a two-week artist residency at Weir Farm Art Center in Wilton, CT.  Residencies have provided directions and stirred interest in things, places, people, and ideas that I could have never come up with on my own.  I can only hope that Weir Farm will be no different.  And this upcoming fall I will begin grad school at TCU as a MFA in Painting student.

Having said all of that, I put together a solo show of weird shit for my dog, Kona.  As you can tell, she couldn't care less.

 Museo de Kona

I find it interesting how ideas spring back up again and again.  In this case - little houses.  New Zealand (2011):  While suffering from homesickness and at the same time exploring what the hell home really meant, I made a shit ton of small house sculptures using materials around my living quarters.  Fort Worth, TX (2014):  I found home.  Not just a location but the home in your heart and all the other true and trite descriptions of that feeling of safety and comfort.  Again, I made a shit ton of small houses.

New Zealand Houses (left)  Fort Worth Houses (right)

My friend's girlfriend told him a story of a little field mouse when they first began dating.  He asked me to illustrate that story which he turned into a book.  He then proposed to her with said book.  She said yes.  Sweetest.  Story. Ever.  I am so honored to have played a part in something so wonderful.

 Panels 1-3
 Panels 4-6
Panels 7-9

And here is a stop motion film about footsteps.

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