Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flavored Buildings

Buildings.  More of them.  In flavors.  
Orange, grape, sour apple, bubblegum, blueberry, and of course banana.

When you cut out flavored buildings, then stack the silhouettes on top of one another, you get this.

 I've found that if you make flavored buildings, then you must make flavored houses.

And if you make a variety of flavored houses, then you have to select one flavor (in this case blueberry) and then make 100 houses out of that flavor.  And put them in a teacup.  Because who doesn't want to know what 100 tiny blueberry houses look like in a teacup?

Logically your mind will then want to know what a suburb of bubblegum-flavored houses would look like at night.  Turns out they look like grape-flavored houses under the cover of darkness.

You then obviously need to make a stop motion film about it.

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