Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I took a break from the mini film makin' to shoot some photographs...turtle-style.  I like that a turtle carries his home on his back.  I spent a long time looking for home (and still do at frazzled moments). 

The search always took place some where beyond where I was at the time.  I traveled a lot of miles, established many relationships, changed jobs, enrolled in schools & classes & programs, drained countless cans of beer, ran fast and drove faster until there was no road left to pursue.  

I was like a lizard in a terrarium throwing myself against the glass over and over again until finally one day I sat up, took a look around my little terrarium digs and thought, hey...this could be pretty cool.  

Anyway, back to turtles.  I like that a turtle carries his home on his back...

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