Sunday, September 22, 2013


I've been disturbed at not having the time and energy to make work like I have for the past several years.  But putting together a new project folder on my desktop revealed something pretty cool - I'm making different work.

My definition of "work" has an entirely new meaning.  And I'm still making a decent amount of it but now some pieces are just not able to be hung on wall or are intangible all together.  These things include my recorded voice, stop motion films, created vignettes in jars, and the documentation of experiences.  But it's still work.

Photography Combos
 pelican shoes
 alone together
 freezer oven

Stop Motion Films
 Real Fake and Bail done with my big girl camera
 Collection of films done renegade-style with my phone

Drawings & Paintings

Recordings & Journaling

Books:  Photography & Stories 

Downright Weird Stuff

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