Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making stuff keeps me off the streets.

The studio currently looks like an interior designer's closet and an office supply store got into a fight.  I thought I'd add a side project into the mix in honor of my upcoming journey to New Orleans.  I'll share the details soon but for now...long story short:

Next month I'm going to be part of a good friend's gallery opening in New Orleans.  I'm going by plane.  I'm poor.  Must fit artwork into suitcase.  Want to make colorful pieces strictly for fun because I want to have a colorful, strictly fun visit.

Kona, my pardner in crime, hung with me while I made a total mess.  I caught her in mid-stretch.

Above is a landscape in progress.  It's in the same series as the creepy Doll Landscape.  So far it's just an acrylic foundation.  Maybe I'll throw some toys in the dirt.  Haven't decided.  Wait, I just did...yes, toys will be in the dirt.

Kona is awesome.  End of story.

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