Saturday, November 3, 2012

Doll Landscape Finished...Sike.

TA-DUH!!!!!  Seriously, this is done.  I know I've said that about this painting like 4 times but I super duper mean it this time.

*******************AND AGAIN....******************
Dude...this thing was pulled from the finished pile...again.  I needed to add critters.  A garter snake, earthworm, mouse, monarch butterfly, redfish, and sparrow have now made an appearance.  Pics to follow....
Sometime in late Oct.
Okay dude, NOW...Doll Landscape.  Is.  Finished.  

Doll Landscape, oil on wood, 48"x32", 2012
 Eames Chair
I pulled the Doll Landscape from the finished pile.  I thought it was done but apparently it needed an Eames Chair and a rotary phone.  And you know what?  It's still not complete.  More to come... 

Okay so here is the creepy doll baby-landscape painting also know as panel #1 from Fort Art.  I don't find her creepy anymore although you may beg to differ.

Doll Landscape, oil on wood, 48"x32", 2012

This is a landscape I've  had behind my eyelids since I was a child (sans doll baby) .  It's fully fabricated because it's not a place I've been before.  Maybe it's a combo of many places but when I first pictured it, I didn't have a lot of landscape experience.  The only other scenes besides Texas I'd witnessed were New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and California - all in the summertime.

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