Friday, March 4, 2011

Friends Meet Studio, Studio Meet Friends...


So above is my studio...I plan to spend as many waking hours here as I can. It's a large space with amazingly fantastic light (when the sun decides to make an appearance) that I share with 10 other fellow first year post grad students. We divided our spaces during our first class on Wed. We are a mature bunch...believe it or not I'm one of the youngest and everyone has been really great. I'm extremely excited to see what everyone will begin working on. I'm one of the few "traditional" artists so I hope that this group will give me a better understanding of contemporary/abstract/installation, etc. art practices.

Here is my view which was a dreary one today. Wellington, why is your weather so angry? Today it was rainy, humid, and ferociously windy all at the same time. The few occasions that the sun is shining it's truly the most beautiful weather I've ever seen. Take the good with the bad, eh?

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