Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Fives Studies

I would have been a fool not to have taken advantage of the weather yesterday....TOTALLY DELIGHTFUL! My original idea was to make a painting spot in the backyard but after clearing an area I realized it would require a pack mule to lug out my paint gear. Solution...make a sketching spot. (Much more travel friendly).

When working on my In Fives series I began sketching studies on the old mark-filled 24"x36" sheets of butcher paper that I use as drafting table "drop cloths". (5 subjects per sheet of course). I really love the unintentional marks and random notes scribbled on each sheet. Perfect project to break in the ole outside sketch zone!!

I began the study of this Great-horned Owl about a year ago and decided to continue.

Bare-headed Rock Fowl

My first completed sheet of studies for the In Fives series

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