Monday, June 14, 2010

Put a Fork in the Saguaro with Bloom

Saguaro with Bloom
The Prickly Pear desperately needed a companion so I called on the trusty Saguaro to fill the position. This is the 8th work in the Native series. I have 3 more wallpapered panels that are ready to go. Subjects: a Ringtail, Harris Hawk, and Gamblin's Quail.

Fork (in-progress)
I'm making headway on Fork. I usually rely heavily on reference photos but I've pretty much stopped using any for this painting. It's really nice to be working on a piece that is for no one but myself. And the end product doesn't matter to me just the process. Most of my time with this painting is spent layering over past day's work and then pulling bottom layers to the surface. I'm just playing and experimenting and my mood dictates the marks. Oh god, have I become one of those moody, "artsy" types. Luckily it's too hot to wear a black turtleneck.

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