Sunday, June 6, 2010

13th Street

My life is starting to settle down a bit after moving to the street named after lucky number 13. Scaling down an entire studio to fit and function in a corner of a 10"x10" sq. ft. room was a challenge. But I have to say that being surrounded by only the bare essentials leaves me with a sense of calm and order which is something I definitely need at this point.

My work is going to reflect my workspace. I have to make due with what I have at the moment and I hope that this experience will show in my work.

Okay, so you would think since I work in a minuscule space I would produce smaller works. It makes sense but oh no. Below is the piece, Fork, that I began in the old studio. I dragged it with me to 13th Street and see it being a long term project. I swear it will be the only large scale piece I work on here. Or will it...

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