Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy B-Day AZ!

Quetzal (national bird of Guatemala)

Yeah, I am totally hangin' with a Passenger Pigeon.

Emperor Penguin

Scarlet Ibis

Lani is totally a ferret. (Dear Lani: I hope you know that I will use this pic whenever possible. Best, Layla)

Most amazing wild turkey ever.
So my pal Lani and I went on a weekend adventure to Tucson and Patagonia, AZ. We wandered the annual gem, mineral, and fossil show, ate the best lunch of our lives, and to our surprise drove within miles of the Arizona/Mexico border in search of a ghost town. Squeeze in a 3 hour session of reality television and learning a lesson about traveling with someone other than your significant other on Valentines Day and you’ve got our trip wrapped up in a nutshell. But what blew my mind the most was the Tucson International Wildlife Museum. It was terrifying and totally awesome all at one time. I shall see you again Wildlife Museum.

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