Monday, February 22, 2010

Gettin' My Sketch On

Bailey the Turkey Vulture
I’ve met a lot of interesting characters volunteering at Liberty Wildlife (fellow volunteers included), but Bailey the Turkey Vulture is one of the most memorable. He is very selective of who enters his domain. Not just anyone can waltz into his house to leave a delicious treat. Bailey and I have had conversations on how much I value my fingers and that I do not enjoy being clawed with huge talons. We’ll see if he was listening.

Baby Blue Jay for Carol

House Wren for Carol
Carol, the bestess mom-in-law, commissioned me to make the above Blue Jay and House Wren sketches for her new casa in Texas. It was my favorite kind of commission - "do what you want". Done and done.

Peregrine Falcon

There is a soft, quietness that a Peregrine Falcon evokes. You also are instantly aware of their extreme intelligence. These birds may seem gentle but they are fierce hunters, reaching speeds over 150 mph.

This guy, Bailey the Turkey Vulture, and many others are available in my etsy shop. All funds go towards gettin' this girl to Wyoming!

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