Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Found Rowdy!

Well folks...I found him. If you'd like to join me, I am going on a little excursion. I made a decision long ago that I did not want children. I think they are amazing and honest and creative and they deserve to have nothing more than the best upbringing. In short, it takes 100% of me to maintain my own sanity, no lie. I have nothing left to give.

Even knowing this as a small child, I had a name for the son I would never have...Rowdy William, named after my father. The greater part of the Dallas/Fort Worth area referred to my dad as many things but mostly Wild Bill McDonald.

As I came to realize the importance of art in my life, I wanted a venue for the many projects that buzz through my head. Midway through the sketch of this baby bird, I realized that this is Rowdy! My 10'x14' studio is my sanctuary and it is my dream to continue to expand it. Having found Rowdy will motivate my drive.

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