Saturday, October 10, 2015

Start to Finish: 'Japonisome' Vitrine

The vitrine collection is growing .  Below are the process pics of the latest edition which I lovingly nicknamed The Potbelly.  This pet name is a far cry from the description given by the Christie's March 2012 The Opulent Eye catalogue I pulled it from.  And I quote…  

"A French 'Japonisome' lacquered-bronze-mounted mahogany vitrine-cabinet in the manner of Gabriel Viardot, late 19th century"

step 1: apply vinyl sticker graph to pink flashé paint panel.

step 2: cover up vinyl with more flashé paint.

step 3: add awesome vitrine to surface.

step 4: begin sanding off vitrine shape and wonder why I choose to make tedious, hand-numbing work.

step 5:  sand negative vitrine space.

step 6: hang with the rest of the vitrine family and rest hands.



  1. Wow! That is beautiful stuff! A very interesting idea. I just wonder how did you do that!?

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