Thursday, July 9, 2015


It's pretty much the dead center of summer.  I've had about six weeks to recover from the first year of grad school and have about six weeks to prepare myself for the second (and final!) year.  A good portion of the summer was spent at the residency in South Carolina and I am super happy to report that I finally finished the series, Someone Else's Homestead, that I began while in Pickens.  It is a great feeling of closure and has led to a new and smaller series that I began and am really enjoying.  I love how one project can unfold into the next. The painting portion of the series is complete, now it is time to photograph and write a proper statement about the work.  Better photos to follow!

Singer sewing machine that lives in the Rensing library.

One of my beloved baby goat friends.

Vitrine:  a glass showcase or cabinet especially for displaying fine wares or specimens.

So I am into vitrines now.  Like the Penny portrait from the last post, my interest in vitrines came from a catalog I got at my museum gig.  The catalog is filled with urns, artifacts, and beautifully elaborate display cabinets.  The interesting thing is that these decorative vitrines are empty so their purpose of housing fine wares is taken away, leaving them to be art objects unto themselves.

Vitrine imprints.

empty vitrine in-progress 1

empty vitrine in-progress 2

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