Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Days Sixteen and Seventeen

Day Sixteen:  This week has turned up the heat, I am hellbent on finishing this series before I leave Rensing.  It has become very important that this work be site specific and what that means to me is that the ideas were cultivated here, the subject matter came from the property, and the work was completed on site before the end of the experience.  Two panels down, four to go.  Yikes.

I was gifted a genuine goat bell from Rensing's director.  It is exactly like the ones that make up the beautiful symphony of goodness that I've heard for the last 2 1/2 weeks.

Day Seventeen:  My brain is mush.  I spent the entire day in the studio and happy to report that the chair painting is finished.  Well…96% finished, I am sure I'll do some touchups when I see it first thing in the morning.  I have three more days before I ship out my supplies and have three more panels.  Eh-ghads I feel the (totally self-imposed) pressure...

To earn my keep here at Rensing I have to put in 8 hrs of work a week.  Today that entailed planting peppers.  I planted tomatoes and beans last week.  The weather has been perfect, I've seen some stellar earth worms in the garden, and I've been using a 50 yr old trowel that I'm pretty sure is super lucky.  Grow babies grow!

You can do it baby plants!  I am rooting for you!

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