Monday, December 29, 2014

The More I Build You & 1-7

Part I:  The More I Build You

So it's safe to say that I've been completely and obsessively absorbed with drawing a house.  The growing heap of work overtaking the studio has come to be known as The More I Build You series.  Naming, writing about, and documenting a body of work always helps me finagle it into manageable, bite-size morsels to digest.  These very words and photos below are doing just that.

Details about each piece can be found at

If someone says they truly enjoy writing artist statements and other like documents then they are not to be trusted.  Coming up with the right words to explain what my hands and heart want to make and why is not an easy thing to do and it is constantly morphing into new ideas and reasons as the series grows.  Here's what I have for the moment…

The conflicting need to establish an idealistic home while longing for travel and new experiences proves that home is a great deal more than just its physical structure.  The More I Build You is a collection of paintings, drawings, and mixed media work that allows me to construct and scrutinize my longing for the ideal and elusive "dream house".

The two paintings not included in the above collage are a perfect segue for…

Part II:  1-7

7 Moves, oil on wood panel, 2ftx4ft, 2014

Inside the Ideal, oil on canvas, 32"x24", 2014
1-7 is the title of TCU's fine art grad student group show.  It opens in a couple of weeks.  What does 1-7 mean, you ask…well, it begins with the fact that there are seven grad students.  Here's an excerpt from the gallery's press release which gives a more in-depth explanation of the exhibition: 

"1-7 presents the work of current TCU M.F.A. students whose works respond to the idea of algorithms in art-making.  Within the parameter of 1-7, the artists' reflect on possibilities in making which involve the presentation of a number of objects and ideas, or a progression of processes and narratives."

I super dig parameters in art making - it's problem solving and puzzle-building rolled into one and the best part is that you, the artist, get to dictate the solution.  I worked on two pieces simultaneously with 1-7 in mind and documented the process.  Inside the Ideal is a representation of what a perfect house would look like (in my brain) and 7 Moves is part of my search for that idealistic home through seven major moves I've made in my life.

Check out the show!!

January 16 - March 7, 2015
Opening reception Friday January 16th, 6-8pm

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

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