Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week Three

This study is further exploring the release of Shakespeare's birds mentioned in the last post.  I found a wonderful book appropriately named The Birds of Shakespeare written by Archibald Geikie in 1916.  He lists the 52 species of birds found in Shakespeare's plays.  An ostrich, an owl, and a thrush are three on that list…only 49 more to go.

My three buddies above were painted on a birch panel scrap leftover after making this big daddy panel. It's the first large (4'x4') panel I've built.  It's so dang lovely in fact that I'm intimidated to throw paint on it.

This morning my guts told me that I needed to document what I've been surrounding myself with in the studio.  Doing this helps me understand what I'm most interested in and narrows my focus.  This is what my eyes have been seeing…

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