Sunday, February 9, 2014

Farewell 30 Sketches.

Another 30 Sketches Project bites the dust and just like every good adventure it began with a Water Buffalo and ended with a Eurasian Lynx.  The project is a simple one - make a drawing everyday for 30 days but as the project has progressed over the years each individual 30 day stint branches out to become more than an exercise and grows into it's own series with unique perimeters, materials, etc.  This one turned into a body of work called Outside of Their Story.  It's kinda like a children's book for grownups without words.

All of the sketches from the project are available for purchase at and to check out its progress (including poor quality photos and smartass commentary) please visit  Here are a few of the critters I spent my time with over the last 30 days...

 Day 11:  Polar Bear

 Day 14:  Ocelot

 Day 17:  Manatee

Day 24:  Yellow-bellied Marmot

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