Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finish, start, remember...

 St. Addax, mixed media, 5'x5', 2013

St. Addax is done and dusted. Time to begin another. Below is stage one of 
the next painting which I think will involve an elephant in some way. I trimmed 
the edges with a fabric border. It kinda looks like a blankie and I kinda like that.

Here is something that has nothing to do with an addax or an elephant but I see it
everyday and it makes me smile.  It is an original work by my dad and me (please
note badass title:  Layla & Daddy) done when I was probably about 8 or so.  The
choice of black was a bold move but I have to say it gives the piece some weight.
I'm sure it was totally intentional.   

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