Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moose on a Cart

First painting of 2013.  Moose on a Cart.  I always research the animals I draw - their habitat, characteristics, etc. but I wanted to research in a different way for this painting...a hippie way.  What is the symbolic nature of a dang moose?  If you haven't googled moose symbolism lately you'd be surprised at the large amount of info out there on the subject.  Courage, determination, and self-esteem are mentioned a lot as is being a contradictory animal - they are awkward yet graceful.  The phrase that spoke to me the most and what I felt when I painted this is...strength found in gentleness.  I like that.  Strength found in gentleness.
 Moose on a Cart, oil on wood, 16"x12", 2013

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  1. Strength found in gentleness. I love it.