Sunday, December 9, 2012

Specimen Landscape In-Progress

The exploration of science continues...current topic:  preservation, conservation, and our obsession for collecting.  Below is stage one of what is now deemed, Specimen Landscape but that title may change to something snappier like Untitled #2...wait, make that Untitled #3 (no way am I having #2 in any title).  Like Untitled (Specimen Table), the subject matter is from the collections of Tulane's Biodiversity Research Institute and FW Museum of Science & History.  Sprinkle in the inspiration of 17th cent. Flemish dead game still lifes, Rare: Portraits of America's Endangered Species by Joel Sartore, the work of Lucas Johnson, and about one million hours of nature documentaries and you have yourself the workings of a goddamn science painting. 
48"x32", acrylic on wood
 TBRI, New Orleans, LA
 FWMSH, Fort Worth, TX
 study from FWMSH's collection
 TBRI, New Orleans, LA

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