Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maps. Check.

So I've got 6 weeks till I head to the mighty U.S. of A. Ah, the motherland. So I'm in high gear. Map paintings. Done and done. The bottom 3 are taken from satellite aerial views of Beverly (Mesa, AZ), 13th Street (Phx, AZ), and Moxham Ave. (Hataitai, NZ). These most recent abodes have been lived in (and currently living in) during a rough patch of my life. Don't worry, I'm healing and making these has helped.

Next, finish the 7th and final panel to the Home Series (a.k.a. continuous paintings). About half way done with that one. Then...construct a seminar for Theory class explaining my research and practice and finally write a 3000 word research essay. No sweat, right?

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