Sunday, November 7, 2010

Landscape III Progress...

Landscape III stage 5
Making progress on Landscape numero 3. I darkened it a bit with a raw umber wash and added some tree-type things. I adore working on the rocks. Next Below are some areas that I really enjoyed working on.
rock-like items

(They remind of little, wobbly thumbprints.)

tree-like items

These poor little guys were washed away a few times in a solvent rain shower. I just kept pulling them back out. All of the shadows were done with smudges of charcoal and I then painted liquin over them to make them permanent.

There is something about these 3 little dudes that I really like. They are totally friends.


  1. i love the tree like items. keep up the good work pal! and thanks for the close-ups.

  2. Thanks pal!!! The spirit of The Anteater inspired me on the tree like items.