Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been working on this painting for a little while now and happy to say that I just put the finishing touches on this afternoon. Not a bad way to spend July 4th!

This is a Sumatran Rhino calf with a Whooping Crane chick atop his head. I placed them where any self-respecting rhino and chick would be found...the bathtub. At 44"x30", this is larger than
most of the pieces that I've working on lately. This painting is part of the endangered species series. To learn more about the Sumatran Rhino and Whooping Crane visit The Nest Egg Art Project. I always find myself thinking the same thing when I get close to finishing a painting. You spend so much time and effort in the process of a painting. You encounter and try to tackle challenges and continually learn. There is always some point in the painting (usually several) when I feel like I've never picked up a paintbrush before and I have no idea what I am doing. Having felt all of these feelings within the course of a painting, I always have to laugh that I am being so serious on a painting that is so ridiculous.

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